Old Photo Restoration

A while back, I carefully scanned and restored a ton of old pictures as a gift to my Nana for her birthday. I placed them on a disc with music and the family sat around while she got misty-eyed and told us who was in the photos. It was very cool.

This was one of the pictures of her mother.

It was a fun project. I like to leave a little bit of distress on the photos for the charm. But a blatant tear like this needed fixing.

Mammy2 copy

Before + After

I thought I’d share a recent project that my husband and I worked on together.

We found this sad little vintage metal cart on Craigslist and gave it a makeover! We sanded the paint off of the top tier, used tin foil to scratch off as much of the rust from the metal as possible, and then spray painted the bottom two shelves.

I love how it turned out!

-2 copy copy

Floral Woman Cameo

Because cameos are fun!

I made the girl on istock, but I gave her white lips which decided pretty quickly I didn’t like…so this is my re-do!

I did a little research on cameos after making this one, and they have a very rich history.

I bought different cameos for my bridesmaids as gifts when I got married.

Do you guys own any cameos? If so, where are they from?




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