Avid Reader Girl

I’m back to business! Still coughing…still a little gross to look at, but BACK!

Ok, I am on a mission to respond to your emails. There are a lot, but I’m on it!

In the mean time, here is a new image on istock I made to see how long I could sit at the computer working! lol



Blond and Red Head

Just some ladies!

I would like both outfits please.

I have a friend who sometimes wishes she didn’t have absolutely perfect vision because she is a big fan of cute glasses. I can see why!

stock-illustration-25007183-red-head-beauty-in-boots stock-illustration-24978104-classy-blond-woman-standing

*click images to view on istock


A sweet client asked me to add her beloved black and white hound dog, Elvis to this file. Because, lets face it, a girl needs her dog by her side.

What furry friend means the world to you?