Pregnant Woman with Heart Hands

…that title sounds really weird, haha.

So since we have already established that EVERYONE is pregnant right now, with that comes a lot of funny stories about unwelcome touching of the bellies.

If you are a mom or mom to be, do you have any funny belly-touching stories?

Not gonna lie. I am sad to say that several years ago I touched the belly of a stranger I was once meeting (womp-womp). Thankfully she looooved people touching her belly, but I was shocked that my brain flew out the window! What is it about pregnant bellies that are so irresistible?????


“A Little Birdie Told Us, It’s A BOY!”

And another precious boy is being added to the world! I made this announcement image for a couple amazing friends who wanted to announce in a creative way on their social media sites that they are having a boy!  Congratulations Meg and Davie!


ALittleBirdyToldUs BOY copy