Group of Moms for iStock

A new design for iStock!

I have come to discover that Mommy Groups are one of the meanest places in the world, haha. I’m really hoping a nice mommy forum will adopt this image šŸ™‚

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Slowing down…

Hey guys!

I am officially on maternity leave! Gotta take care of those last few thingsĀ (which may or may not include some HARD napping) before the Little Man comes.

I’ll miss you guys but will be back in a few months!

As many of you fine folks know, I am only a few weeks away from popping out Ryan’s and my first baby boy! We decided to announce his name once he is born.

San Diego is sweltering andĀ baby isĀ demanding I take it easy SO, IĀ am going to try!

I will be focusing on more simpleĀ iStock Custom Edits and leaving Exclusive Custom Design behind for now. I’m going to work as long as I can which will probably only be a couple more weeks and then be taking maternity leave after thatĀ šŸ™‚ I will put up a vacation responder when I’m gone.


Baby Olympian

I got to hear baby Burke’s little heartbeat again today. My Dr. had to chase this kid around with the hand held doppler while he/she busted out his/her olympic training moves.

I thought I’d make this little illustration to commemorate the experience, lol!

Baby Olympianc