Pregnancy Announcement Dolls!

I had so much fun making these Russian nesting dolls for my good friends’ pregnancy announcement ❤

(Animation by the Dad x3 to be!)


Charlie the surfing Pooch

After a family lost their sweet beach companion, Charlie, a memorial image was in order.

This is what Charlie’s heaven looks like! You are missed!


Birth Plan Poster Design

A custom Birth Plan poster!

Keep it happy, bright, and easy to look at!

A fun, colorful, and simple quick-reference for nurses that will give mom peace of mind and make the medical team smile (because they won’t have to read through 19 pages of blocks of text to know that you want your toenails painted aqua-fairytail green by Jim the handsome male intern 12 minutes before you push baby out).


Know anyone having a baby? Send them to HeyHeyDesigns for their own!