New Designs for Storkie

A few of my new designs now available on

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Bench LoveWood HeartAdorable Penguin CoupleSweet AffairCute OwlTEAny Tiny BabyTiki Luau

Beautiful Little Girl With Down Syndrome

A lovely client recently brought to my attention that there is a serious lack of available designs of children with down syndrome.

THAT needs to be rectified!

Bring on the CUTENESSSS!!!!!!




Pregnant Woman with Heart Hands

…that title sounds really weird, haha.

So since we have already established that EVERYONE is pregnant right now, with that comes a lot of funny stories about unwelcome touching of the bellies.

If you are a mom or mom to be, do you have any funny belly-touching stories?

Not gonna lie. I am sad to say that several years ago I touched the belly of a stranger I was once meeting (womp-womp). Thankfully she looooved people touching her belly, but I was shocked that my brain flew out the window! What is it about pregnant bellies that are so irresistible?????