RGD: Rainy Day

As some of you may know, my dearly loved sunshine state of California has been getting slammed with a great grey storm…and I could not be more excited (despite the seemingly mellow art subject below)! Bring on the thunder and lightning!!!

Today is sunny with a brilliant pattern of clouds but it means all of nature outside my office window is in HD.

It also means must now excuse myself so I can take my 1 year old outside to splash in puddles….yeah thats it…just my kiddo…definitely not ME…[putting on rain boots suspiciously].


RGD Rainy Day

original here



I have been drawing so many dogs, I wanted to get a kitty cat in the mix.

…Speaking of cats, why are many people more prone to say “meow” when talking to or about cats? People don’t really say “ARF” when talking about dogs do they?

Anyways, here is a cat.

I can feel my allergies kicking in through the screen. Yes, even the cutest cats.