Tattoo Fun!

Not long ago, I was given the ultimate complement by a mommy-friend of mine who asked me to design a tattoo that represented her love for her sweet baby boy.

She had some ideas of what she liked style-wise but definitely wanted a music staff with a note representing the first letter of her son’s name; A.

Her family has a German background so I decided to incorporate that into the German folk art-inspired flowers.

The final result for this excited mamma was beautiful thanks to tattoo Artist Meg at BUJU in San Diego.

tattytat Chelsea Tat

Floral Woman Cameo

Because cameos are fun!

I made the girl on istock, but I gave her white lips which decided pretty quickly I didn’t like…so this is my re-do!

I did a little research on cameos after making this one, and they have a very rich history.

I bought different cameos for my bridesmaids as gifts when I got married.

Do you guys own any cameos? If so, where are they from?




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I painted her in college and I hope to re-paint her some day. I wanted to play with vector and Photoshop. Those two programs make beautiful art babies together.

Asteraceae copy