iStock Custom Edit for The Book Nympho

The fabulous Jennifer over at The Book Nympho decided she wanted a cozy edit to this design. (with slight edit to the kitty designed by iStock contributor, Krissstina).

I could go for some actual pajama, hot drink, snuggle with your pet/kids/significant other weather (San Diego, I love you but it’s February right now, ok?) Yeeesh!

BNpjs copy

Update on Maternity Leave and other things…

Hey Guys!

Still on leave over here and not able to get back to emails or start new projects. I miss you guys, Little Hank is just a HUNGRY boy. Sheesh! If I am able to slither away from him more and more while he is sleeping the possibilities are endless!

Ok, maybe not endless but hopefully I will be able to slowly get back to designing….and bathing every day. 😉




(by the way, those are Ryan’s big fuzzy hands, not mine. lets be clear!)

In other news, I illustrated a book written by my good friend Alexis Wesley.

Check it out on Amazon!

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