Pregnant Woman with Heart Hands

…that title sounds really weird, haha.

So since we have already established that EVERYONE is pregnant right now, with that comes a lot of funny stories about unwelcome touching of the bellies.

If you are a mom or mom to be, do you have any funny belly-touching stories?

Not gonna lie. I am sad to say that several years ago I touched the belly of a stranger I was once meeting (womp-womp). Thankfully she looooved people touching her belly, but I was shocked that my brain flew out the window! What is it about pregnant bellies that are so irresistible?????


Tutorial Thursday: Eyes

I have gotten a lot of requests for tutorials about various things. Perhaps “Tutorial Thursdays” will be a shadow of things to come? …Even though “Tutorial Tuesdays” sounds way cooler, haha.

Perhaps just little snippets to start?

All designers have to start somewhere. I am learning and growing every day and there are designs in my istock portfolio from when I first started that I would like to forget ever happened, but alas, then how would I learn? There is nothing worse a artist can do to themselves than to think they know everything there is to know about art. Besides, people out there still seem to like them so I guess they can stay 😉

This file is called “Beautiful Blonde Woman”.  I made her in 2012 and I like her a lot.

I feel like I get a lot of questions about how to draw eyes plus plenty of attempts to trace eyes from my characters floating around on the internet, so I know people are curious. “How do you know when they are tracing your eyes”, You may ask, even when its done very poorly? All I have to say about that is a parent knows their kid, right?

But on with the tutorial…

(click image to go to istock file)




These eyes are looking right at you, correct?


These eyes are derping all over the place.

This happens when a designer “mirrors” one eye (In Adobe Illustrator, this means taking one eye, copy + pasting it, and simply flipping it, causing a “mirrored effect”). The character often ends up unintentionally wall-eyed. Sometimes its harder to tell than others, but one way is to at least make sure that the highlights of your eyes are on the same side of both eyes.

Lets re-cap shall we?


Now that you have seen it, you are sure to start noticing it right away on other designs.

 (click for close-up)

The End 🙂