Services + Pricing

graphic design + illustration services

I offer two different design routs: iStock Custom Edits   &   Exclusive Custom Design. Please give them both a look to see which one fits your needs and we can discuss further.

iStock Custom Edits:$$ (more info)

-popular among bloggers and those who are not looking to own/use an image exclusively or spend too much-just to have more customized art on their blog using designs from my istock portfolio. Once the image(s) are chosen, I edit them to preference (colors, outfits, faces, poses, props, etc).

-not exclusively own-able/usable

-istock price + edit fee.

Exclusive Custom Design: $$$ (more info)

Popular among businesses looking for branding and logos. Custom images are made from scratch (cannot use images from istock in whole or in part), and are made to be exclusively owned by the client.

-price bundling for multiple images.

-During the design process, I allow revisions (within reason).

-includes invoice receipt.