Mama Jama Comics

This is a personal side project I am having some fun with.

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FB coverphoto1.jpg


Baby Release 20.jpg

Vamparent 18.jpg
No Water
Secret Treats 15.jpg
Secret Treats
Dog barf  14.jpg
Dog Barf
TP4U  13.jpg
Poop Shoot  12.jpg
Poop Shoot
BratSlap  11.jpg
Brat Slap
Postpartum Powers  10.jpg
Postpartum Powers
Spider nom  9.jpg
Spider Nom
Big Butt  8.jpg
Big Butt
MyBrownies  7.jpg
Brownies for Breakfast
Monster Shoes  6.jpg
Monster Shoes
FirstThreat   5.jpg
Baby’s First Threat
Cigarettes  4.jpg
Balanced Breakfast
Sound FX  3.jpg
Proud FX
Ok Cookie  2.jpg
It’s A Trick
Feel Better  1.jpg
Feel Better Mama

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