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Happy Thanksgiving week! Also Happy Hanukkah seeing as how it starts during Thanksgiving this year-wow!

For those who have asked or who are curious, istock no longer requires you to buy credit bundles just to buy one image. You can click the “Pay as you Go Pricing” link (where I placed the big red triangle), and it will tell you exactly how much the price is for that individual file. 🙂

Oh, convenience. You’re so swell.



I get a lot of questions from people asking me what kinds of Istock Custom Edits are available to them.

Good question!

The answer is pretty much anything! So I thought I would give a few examples-all which can be combined!

EXAMPLE 1: Color Changes 

Color Changes

– Do you just need a simple color edit like changing the color of her glasses? How about ALL the colors to match your website? Can do!

EXAMPLE 2: Mix + Match

Mix and Match

-Do you like the character from one istock design but maybe the pose or prop(s) from another? Maybe you even have your own idea for a custom outfit? Need something removed from the image? Not a problem!

EXAMPLE 3: Photo Customizations

Photo Customization

-Do you want something unique to you edited into the istock image like a furry friend, favorite outfit, or specific hairstyle? Send a picture!

EXAMPLE 4: Something New

Something New

-Do you love a particular istock character but need him/her in a particular pose that I do not have available on istock? Ask!

The main point I want you to  take away from this is ASK! 🙂 Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want most right off the bat. I love discussing options and ideas to give you the best possible image at the best possible price!

You can always fill out a Contact + Order Form if you have any questions.

Cartoon Angry Grizzly Bear

For those of you who don’t know, there is a very cool feature on Google that helps you reverse-search for images on the internet.

When you go to Google images, there should be a little camera icon in the right side of the search bar. If you click it, it gives you the option to drop in the URL or an image file from your computer you would like to search for on the interwebzz.

(This also comes in very handy when you click an image on Pinterest and its a DEAD LINK! OH no! I really like those earrings! How will I ever find them NOW!? Well, If you drop the image into Google reverse image search, it will often help you find the link to its original source. Then you can buy those earrings…if they are still available)


Google often guesses your image correctly and brings up the very same image (if available on the internet) or similar images.

Sometimes Google gets it wrong.



A Sweet Review

I had the privilege of working with Dollie from Teachers of Good Things. She was kind enough to review Hey Hey Designs. Thank you Dollie!

“Have you ever wondered how important blog design is to retaining your readership?  Well, in the online world where there are over 112 million blogs, you will quickly realize that blog design is really important.  Prior to launching my blog, I did a lot of research to the first steps in blogging and was quickly seeing that design and function were very important to growing a successful blog.

I want to share with you a company that I have  totally fallen in love with and that offers professional customized graphics for your blog, at a great price and wonderful customer service.  This company is Hey Hey Designs, by Lauren Burke.

When I first contacted Lauren to work on my Health in the Kitchen illustration to match the one I use here, I was so excited that she was able to work with me quickly. She did a fantastic job and was very professional in how she asked me what I wanted. A breathe of fresh air! A few weeks after she had done my first job, I began to realize that I would love to use different elements of my design in my series post on both blogs. I contacted her again and she went to work, giving me exactly what I desired. Here are a few examples of what she did for me:

Examples of Hey Hey Designs work

These are just a few of the examples she has done for me. The graphic in the leading photo of this post is another.


Lauren has been doing graphic designs for seven years and working freelance from home, for five years. She and her husband, Ryan started the business, Burke Vector in response to the business they were receiving from their istock work.  As this grew in popularity, they both branched off and branded their own unique style and design in graphic design.  That is when Hey Hey Design began, which was named after a nickname Ryan called Lauren, “Hey, Lady”.

I wanted to write this post, to not only promote Lauren’s work, but to introduce her to those who follow my blog. In preparation in writing this review, I asked Lauren to share with me somethings that she would desire a potential customer to know, and trust me this is exactly my experience:

“I love people. I love hearing client’s ideas, hearing about their lives, and seeing pictures of their sweet families when I get to draw them. I consider designing a team effort between myself and my clients and its important for me to know that my clients feel heard and understood during the design process. I want them to be having as much fun as I do during the design process.”

If you want to make a change on your blog and are looking to improve its design by using professional customized graphics, I can’t encourage you enough to contact Lauren at Hey Hey Designs.  She is reliable and reasonable!  You will be so glad you did. Be sure to tell her that a very pleased customer sent you her way!”