New Avatar!


There has been new art on the blog lately and I couldn’t be happier!

My 1 year old is starting to actually nap on his own for longer than 5 minutes and with that glorious Christmas miracle comes time for me to make art outside of work as well.

So I made a new avatar with a little Christmas spirit to celebrate.

Cant wait to post more stuff!




Happy New Year!

Yes, I am aware it is… (checking phone)…January 14th, but I’m excited because I am sloooowly taking on projects again!


Unfortunately, I also had to declare ’email bankruptcy’. I had SO MANY EMAILS *blush* during my maternity leave that there is no way I could answer them all.  So if you are still interested in your project, please fill out a contact + order form again. Thank you!

Update on Maternity Leave and other things…

Hey Guys!

Still on leave over here and not able to get back to emails or start new projects. I miss you guys, Little Hank is just a HUNGRY boy. Sheesh! If I am able to slither away from him more and more while he is sleeping the possibilities are endless!

Ok, maybe not endless but hopefully I will be able to slowly get back to designing….and bathing every day. 😉




(by the way, those are Ryan’s big fuzzy hands, not mine. lets be clear!)

In other news, I illustrated a book written by my good friend Alexis Wesley.

Check it out on Amazon!

Different Like Me doublepage

Update: Maternity Leave

Hey Guys!

Thank you SO much for all of the emails you have been sending while Ryan, Henry, and I all get used to being a family of 3!

Here I thought I’d at least be able to keep up with emails (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I love you all and I can’t wait to get on some designs again, but at this time I have ZERO idea when I will be able to take a shower let alone make a design!

I’ll update you when I can.

For now, I leave you with my Little Mr. making a funny face for you all ❤



Slowing down…

Hey guys!

I am officially on maternity leave! Gotta take care of those last few things (which may or may not include some HARD napping) before the Little Man comes.

I’ll miss you guys but will be back in a few months!

As many of you fine folks know, I am only a few weeks away from popping out Ryan’s and my first baby boy! We decided to announce his name once he is born.

San Diego is sweltering and baby is demanding I take it easy SO, I am going to try!

I will be focusing on more simple iStock Custom Edits and leaving Exclusive Custom Design behind for now. I’m going to work as long as I can which will probably only be a couple more weeks and then be taking maternity leave after that 🙂 I will put up a vacation responder when I’m gone.


Avid Reader Girl

I’m back to business! Still coughing…still a little gross to look at, but BACK!

Ok, I am on a mission to respond to your emails. There are a lot, but I’m on it!

In the mean time, here is a new image on istock I made to see how long I could sit at the computer working! lol



Flu for Dayyyyyysssss…..

Hey Hey guys,

If you have emailed Hey Hey Designs in the last week, then you have received the away message that I have a glorious flu! N1H1 as it turns out!

Oh, and did I mention I am 14 weeks pregnant? (surprise!!!)

Thank you SO much for all your well wishes ❤ I feel the love!

While I think I’m on the mend, it’s still not enough to commit to any new projects,  emails, or phone calls (no voice) right now.

Until then, for heaven’s sake, drink some OJ today!!!!