freelance work Update (pinned)

*****UPDATED March 5th 2022 ****

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to hop on the site and give a quick update about emailing and projects (because I MISS you all!).

I am unable to take on new freelance clients at this time as I am working on different projects.

I look forward to being able to answer more order form emails in the future, but until then, I wish you health, safety, and love and will update the site when I am taking clients again.

In the mean time I have been doodling over on my Instagram LittleSketchBurke if you want to check that out.

Illustrations may still appear here periodically under the pinned post.

A Special Christmas Card

This precious family suffered the great tragedy of losing a baby son who would be 8 years old this year. This mother dearly wanted him represented in their family illustration in a special way so I created a small peaceful pure white bird that she is holding with her son (This amazing young man changed his own name to include his brother’s). The bird’s wing is a little blue foot print and his tail is a heart. 

As a designer I am often asked both directly and indirectly to create illustrations that represent people’s deepest insecurities, biggest dreams, and most profound hurts. It is a responsibility I do not take lightly and of which I am honored to be invited.

Joey + Puppy

These kitties ended up on a T-shirt as a Christmas gift for their owner.

We called it the kitty-titty shirt because, lets be honest, it was better than putting them on the shirt vertically.  I’m happy to report she loves them.

I think I got Joey’s gangly teenage cat look down compared to her older counterpart.

This was fun.