I get a lot of questions from people asking me what kinds of Istock Custom Edits are available to them.

Good question!

The answer is pretty much anything! So I thought I would give a few examples-all which can be combined!

EXAMPLE 1: Color Changes 

Color Changes

– Do you just need a simple color edit like changing the color of her glasses? How about ALL the colors to match your website? Can do!

EXAMPLE 2: Mix + Match

Mix and Match

-Do you like the character from one istock design but maybe the pose or prop(s) from another? Maybe you even have your own idea for a custom outfit? Need something removed from the image? Not a problem!

EXAMPLE 3: Photo Customizations

Photo Customization

-Do you want something unique to you edited into the istock image like a furry friend, favorite outfit, or specific hairstyle? Send a picture!

EXAMPLE 4: Something New

Something New

-Do you love a particular istock character but need him/her in a particular pose that I do not have available on istock? Ask!

The main point I want you to  take away from this is ASK! 🙂 Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want most right off the bat. I love discussing options and ideas to give you the best possible image at the best possible price!

You can always fill out a Contact + Order Form if you have any questions.

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