*WHEW* Buzzy Bee

Hey guys!

I have been a buzzy bee lately with a bunch of wonderful projects on my plate, but hopefully I will have something to show for it on the blog soon  🙂


One of the big projects is my hubby and I are remodeling our bathroom!…ourselves! Haha! Ok, well, it helps to have a dad who is a contractor, but still, the work and big decisions are all on us and I’m hoping to share pictures when we are done.

I think if I were not a graphic illustrator, I would love to be an interior designer. Of course, “the shoe maker’s children go without shoes”, so I wouldn’t call my home a marvel of design, but its a slow process, so there!

The only thing I have had time to make for istock lately is this little purse, hah. Hey, when you can’t shop, its nice to be able to at least draw whatever it is to take the edge off (I’m not a shopaholic, but please, what girl wouldn’t like a free shopping day?).



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