RGD: Roman Profile

I have always been in awe of greek statues (who isn’t??)

If you have never taken the time to just brows photos, or even better – go to a museum, you just need to do it.

I love love love to draw interesting profiles and I just thought hers was too magnificent to pass up. Why not marry the two?

I wish I had more time to work on it but it was fun to play with.

original photo here.

RGD Roman Profile FB

RGD: Rainy Day

As some of you may know, my dearly loved sunshine state of California has been getting slammed with a great grey storm…and I could not be more excited (despite the seemingly mellow art subject below)! Bring on the thunder and lightning!!!

Today is sunny with a brilliant pattern of clouds but it means all of nature outside my office window is in HD.

It also means must now excuse myself so I can take my 1 year old outside to splash in puddles….yeah thats it…just my kiddo…definitely not ME…[putting on rain boots suspiciously].


RGD Rainy Day

original here